MetaMobility sets out to create a platform where industry leaders can network and share knowledge through a series of digital projects and digital mediums. Covering a multitude of topics, Metavents is driving innovation globally across the lighting and display sector by creating a senior communication ‘Net work’ which enables our 50,000 subscribers, individuals, and organizations to have access to unparalleled learning, and networking opportunities.


The Automotive industry is changing at an exponential rate; with the increasing shift from ICE vehicles in favour of BEV’s the role of the vehicle and the driver is also changing which brings with it new opportunities and challenges.


Automotive lighting and display technologies, demonstrate this with what used to be small market segments to now becoming integral to the manufacturing of next-generation automotive vehicles. With this development though comes challenges in designing, developing, and applying intelligent lighting & display systems into the vehicle.


 Join us in addressing how the application and seamless integration of lighting and display technologies can potentially revolutionise user experience and automotive performance, looking at key innovations;


  • Optical Technologies

  • Ambient Lighting

  • Augmented Reality

  • Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

  • Hardware & software

  • Interior Integration

  • Safety

  • Circularity

Our unique digital engagement platform brings together product development and sector strategists to facilitate a wholistic view on the best ways of ensuring objectives are met - Helping our 'Net work' and wider global communities decode the future and become more successful and innovative.

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